Trayvon Martin & BLM

February 5th 1995 – February 26th 2012

Trayvon Martin was an African-American teenager, who’s shooting in 2012 sparked national protests in the US and lead to the creation of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

After a fairly non-descript upbringing in Florida, Trayvon was transferred to a new high-school by his Mother who wanted him to receive a better education so that he might pursue his dream of working on aeroplanes. After the move however Trayvon quickly started misbehaving and it wasn’t long before he was suspended several times, for either missing school or graffitiing school property. It was during one of these suspensions that Trayvon was shot by George Zimmerman. Whilst staying at his Father’s Fiancée’s home Trayvon went out in the evening to fetch sweets from a local convenience store. On his way back from the store he was spotted by Zimmerman who reported him to the police for acting suspiciously. After calling the police the two had an argument and Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the chest.

Zimmerman claimed he had shot Trayvon in self-defence whilst others calim it was an unprovoked attack. Due to a lack of evidence, no charges were brought against Zimmerman until much later and even then not until a significant amount of public outrage. Zimmerman was eventually acquitted of man-slaughter and second-degree murder. The lack of police action lead to nationwide protests accusing both Zimmerman and the local police department of racism. These protests gained popularity and eventually became the Black Lives Matter movement, especially after several other high-profile black shootings by Police Officers across the country brought institutional racism into the public eye.

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained global support and now has groups all over the world. The group campaigns to highlight institutional racism within police and government departments and to support ethnic minorities around the globe. Trayvon is survived by his parents and an older broth and was shot this day 2012.


A Prayer for Trayvon Martin:

Lord Father God, who weeps over the death of all of His children, we give you thanks for the life of Trayvon Martin. We pray that you comfort the bereaved and bring calm to the neighbourhoods where violence is frequent and racial tensions run high. We pray that you might help us to preach peace and reconciliation in a world so full of hatred, and people quick to jump to conclusions. Through your most Holy Son we pray. Amen

A Prayer for BLM:

Blessed and Holy Trinity, we give you thanks for the work and witness of BLM. We ask that you bless and encourage those who work for the movement and that you soften the hearts of those who still hold onto racist ideals and the belief that race awareness is no longer necessary. Bless BLM with courage, strength and prosperity we ask all this in Jesus’ most Holy Name, amen.

Suggested Bible verse:

Deuteronomy 10.17-19