International Workers Day

1st May

International Workers Day is a day of celebration for the working classes around the world and often involves mass demonstrations and strikes in support of workers rights, pay issues and economic injustices. 

During the late 19th century several trade unionist groups around the world chose a day to celebrate the labour movement of their countries and campaign for the needs of the proletariat. The first of May was chosen to commemorate the Haymarket Affair in Chicago where police opened fire on a general strike being held in support for the eight hour working day. 

International Workers Day has become a popular holiday around the world for trade unionists, labour movements, communist parties and anarchist groups. Demonstrations and strikes are frequently held calling for more economic reform and peace. Whilst initially being a holiday in support of white working class people it has grown in scope to include all oppressed minorities

The Catholic church also commemorates St Joseph the Worker on this day. 

A Prayer for International Workers Day:

Heavenly Father, Who’s own Son was raised on earth by a carpenter, we give thanks for International Workers Day. We pray for all workers around the world and for all those who suffer under economic hardship. We pray for the passing of just laws and a change of heart in all those who exploit cheap labour in favour of higher profits. In Your most Holy Name we pray. Amen. 

Suggested Bible Verse:

James 5.1-6