Nakba Day

15th May

Nakba Day is a Palestinian day of commemoration of Israel’s declaration of Independence and the mass displacement of Palestinians in 1948.

First held in 1998, Nakba (meaning catastrophe) day is an annual festival of protest in Palestine against Israeli occupation and Palestinian displacement. After the Israeli-Palestinian war, over 2 million Palestinians were displaced as their territory was carved up by colonial powers with violence continuing to this day as Palestinian groups fight for liberation, often using terror tactics against Civilian populations.

Nakba day involves national strikes, visiting war graves and the flying of black flags as a form of national grieving and lamentation over their situation. Part of the commemorations involve people marching towards borders and military checkpoints in protest. In 2011 Isreali Defence forces opened fire on one such gathering killing 12 protesters and injuring hundreds more.

The key has become a symbol for the day representing the houses left behind by the displaced. The day will continue to be observed until those who have lost their homes are allowed to return and Palestinians have their autonomy back.

Prayer for Nakba Day:

Heavenly Father, we pray for all those peacefully observing Nakba Day and plead in desperation that all those who have been displaced are able to return to their homes. We ask for peace to fall on the region and negotiations to bring an end to all illegal occupation are fruitful. As you comforted your people during their period of exile we ask that you comfort all those around the world today who find themselves in a foreign land. Through your most Holy Son we pray. Amen

Suggested Bible Verse:

Jeremiah 52.12-30