Mark Duggan

15th September 1981 – 4th August 2011

Mark Duggan’s death at the hands of armed police officers lead to riots lasting several days across the whole of the UK.

On the 4th of August 2011, Mark Duggan was shot by armed police officers on suspicion of planning to commit an armed attack. It was claimed that Mark was in possession of a handgun though later reports discredit this, claiming that the gun was later planted on Mark by officers. Mark’s family and residents of Tottenham argued that the police had deliberately executed Mark and that officers had failed to work with them in their investigation following his death. This sense of a lack of justice lead to protests and riots around the country.

Eventually, it was ruled that Mark’s shooting was a lawful killing and no police officers were charged. This has lead to continued mistrust of police forces, particularly in London following more deaths in police custody of black men. Mark’s death was one of the early high profile police killings in the UK that fuelled the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement across the globe.

Mark Duggan was shot by police on this day 2011

A Prayer for Mark Duggan:

Lord God we continue to lament over the death of Mark Duggan. We pray for all those who mourn the death of a loved one, especially those whose deaths were under law enforcement officers or in suspicious circumstances. We pray for justice to fall down like rain across the world and ask that with that justice you may also send peace. Through your executed and risen Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Suggested Bible verse:

2 Samuel 18.9,14-15, 33




Mark Duggan was shot by police on this day 2011.

A Prayer for Mark Duggan:

Suggested Bible verse: