This site is designed to be a tool for radicals, of Christian faith or not, looking for prayer materials based upon individuals and events who have either helped to build or witnessed to the Kingdom of God here on earth.

It is a calendar of saints, festivals and memorials just like any other you may find in lectionaries and other spiritual guides with each saint or festival being given their own prayer, information and bible reading when appropriate.

However the events and people represented on this site are those who have been over looked, ignored or even vilified by the Church as a whole.

It is the people who are on the margins of society.

The events that many Christians would refuse to go to.

The deaths that have been caused by the flames of intolerance fanned by Religious teaching.

It’s not designed to replace the traditional Church calendar, but compliment and expand.

If you have any recommendations for saints, festivals or memorials do get in touch and I will add them to the calendar.